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The Viseratta Series

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Born of fire from molten rock the Viseratta have survived for thousands of
years. For one person that whole world will change, and everything they know will be tested. Some will rise and some will fall as the epic
struggle for power consumes them, spanning several generations across the oceans. They were not born to follow man they were born to lead.

Sometimes we become trapped in the gilded cage of money and power never realizing we have become a prisoner of our own hand. When the days
turn into nights, and nights to days the circle just continues and nothing ever changes. Tomorrow they would ride across the fields and
bring the blazes of hell with them. He looked across the table at the others and all that he could see were the years of perpetuated hate
fueled by each others ego's. It is the thing that drives men to the brink of madness then lets them fall over the edge while it laughs
at them in the wind.

In the town of Percath the gossip is rampant,but
the truth behind the small town is far more terrifying
than the stories the locals make up. No one is who they
seem,and when the storm comes who will survive the night is
only the beginning

Softcover editions 15.99 each click on book photo above

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